NO powder type ampoule potent modelling mask instantly delivers combined benefits of firming and moisturizing without the mess and hassles of all powder-type modelling masks. Always get your premium spa experience with this innovative modelling mask!

Enriched with Collagen and Panthenol, this ampoule modelling mask instantly delivers combined benefits of the firming ampoule serum and moisturizing cream for your dewy and elastic skin!


This innovative skin solution in which you mix an ampoule serum and moisture cream formula eliminates the mess and hassle of previously existing powder-type formulas. Unlike the previous modelling masks that required the exhausting stirring process and the uncertain possibility of the formula due to tedious water and formula mixing ratio; this innovative modelling mascream delivers only the benefits of firming and hydrating without the hassle of a modelling mask!


Suggested Use

  1. After cleansing and toning, combine Essence Gel & Ampoule Oil formula in a container so that formula is fully and completely mixed.
  2. Starting in the order of the cheeks - chin forehead - nose, apply the fully mixed mask pack formula on your face.
  3. After leaving on for about 10~15 mins until the mask pack formula hardens, remove the mask pack and follow with the rest of your skincare moisturizing routine.

    *Use about 1~2 times a week.

NeoGen Sur. Medic Intensive Firming Sauce Modeling MasCream (1EA)

  • Firming Ampoule Serum: Contains Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Lecithin ingredients to deliver tightening and firming skin benefits

    Energizing Intense Moisture Radiance Cream: Contains Panthenol, Peptide, Snow Lotus Extract, Evening Primrose to deliver vital, healthy skin benefits

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